Sponsor or Adopt

We need your help!

Interested in adopting a kitten? Please email daleroadcatproject@gmail.com to arrange an appointment for meeting a kitten. Small adoption fee applies – this covers your kitten’s spay/neuter and FIV/leukemia testing. (All kittens have come back negative so far. We will give you the paperwork on the kittens.)

If you can not adopt a kitten, please consider sponsoring an adult feral cat. $50 will cover a Spay / Neuter for a feral cat from Planned Pethood.  We will give you a nice picture of your cat, ask you to name him or her, and have the fuzzball autograph it for you!  We will then keep you posted on your cat sightings in the neighborhood (provided they all don’t run off… considering they’ve been held in captivity and gone through surgery in our care. So they may not stick around…)

Even if you can not do a full on sponsorship, donations will go towards the following costs:

  • Cat food
  • Litter
  • Transportation to/from Planned Pethood
  • Cages/traps
  • Flea treatment
  • Vet bills and medication when needed (as in the case of Vader)

Any help you can give is greatly appreciated!

Donations accepted via paypal to the daleroadcatproject@gmail.com email address.

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