I just can’t take how cute this is

Warning: the following images contain graphic displays of cute. We recommend that you have a chair or other form of support nearby before proceeding, as you have a 99% chance of being overpowered by such a highly concentrated dosage of cute.

The cuteness... it's just too overwhelming...

The cuteness… it’s just too overwhelming…

This is Tackle – now known as Eclair – with her big sister Rosalie. A good friend of ours recently lost two of their cats – each died within a really short period of time of each other, and they were devastated. They weren’t sure they were ready to take on a new fur child, but had been following the Dale Road project for a while and thought it wouldn’t hurt to at least FaceTime with our kittens.

Eclair’s charm transferred via video, and they agreed to meet up with us to adopt earlier this month. A pretty big commitment, given that we each had to drive across a state to meet up with each other. But Eclair is definitely in the right home now:

Argh! More cuteness! The cuteness cannot be stopped.

Argh! More cuteness! The cuteness cannot be stopped.

Without his sister to hide behind, Touchdown was forced to become more outgoing. I feel ‘affectionate’ is probably too understated… that kitten loved everything that set foot in his guestroom:

Joey probably wasn't too enthusiastic about this arrangement.

I think someone forgot to tell Touchdown that cats and dogs are mortal enemies.

A very lucky person found our ad on Craigslist this weekend, and Touchdown went to his forever last Saturday. I’ll post an update when we have some more photos (as long as the internet doesn’t crash from too much cute).

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