Happy Anniversary, Dale Road Cats

One year ago, our adventure began when Ben captured the first little monster. I remember Ben calling for help as the Grand Matriarch stood poised under the shed, ready to kill, growling and hissing as Ben tried to pull the runt of the litter out of his makeshift trap. We shoved him into the guest bathroom (now affectionately known as the kitten nursery) and then realized we hadn’t really thought through phase II of the project.

Where do people unload unwanted kittens around here?

We learned about a program called Animal Rescue Force (ARF), where you can put your adoptable fuzzballs on display at the East Brunswick PetSmart for the bargain rate of $20 for the entire weekend. If someone is interested in adopting your kitty, ARF handles the paperwork. The adoption process they have in place then ensures kittens get to the vet for a spay/neutering before going on to their new homes.

Sort of fitting that we’re celebrating the one year anniversary of the Dale Road Cat Project by doing the same thing we did at this time last year by putting Monster’s half-brother and half-sister (yup, all children of the Grand Matriarch) on display with the ARF.

Sadly, for Touchdown and Tackle, they did not find their new forever home this weekend like Monster did.

Sadly, for Touchdown and Tackle, they did not find their new forever home while at ARF this weekend like Monster did last year.

Tugs at your heartstrings, doesn’t it? Enough that perhaps you are thinking about adopting them BOTH from us right now…

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