Your Daily Dose of AWWWW

The Dale Road Cat Project has just learned about 3 new rescues that need a new home! You may have already seen them on our home page, but if those photos weren’t cute enough… take a closer look at:

Ninja Velvet (M)

Sensei (F)



Some additional info from our Dale Road Cat Project affiliate: All are about 9 weeks old, weaned, litter-trained, smart, very affectionate, playful and purr upon touch, born indoors to a rescued, feral mother and kept indoors. They need to be fixed and vaccinated or owner will work with you on getting this done (discount services are available). A small rehoming fee is asked as a screening and goes towards the others’ care. The owner will travel to your home with the kitten and if’s a match, then you’ll have a new purring furball!

What’s more American than celebrating this 4th of July with a barbecue, some fireworks, and a kitteh?


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