Happy Kitten Season!

Fortunately, none to be found on Dale Road so far in 2014. But we have received a request for help finding this little girl a home. All of her brothers and sisters have found homes, so she’s all by herself:


Baby Black Kitten

11 weeks old

She was born indoors and has never been outside.
She has not been exposed to strange cats or dogs.

She’s very intelligent, playful, affectionate and litter-trained.
She’s a “tree dweller” who loves to climb.
She’s quiet, mellow, very playful and purrs as you soon as you touch her.

To Adopt this Kitten:

The owner is going through a rescue organization. The following are their fees:
Fee: $100 Adoption Fee (Includes the Distemper Shot & Spaying)
Optional: $60 Combo Test (Feline Leukemia & FIV)

She’s just received her Distemper Shot this past weekend and will get Spayed this coming (Thurs) 5/8/14.
Please arrange a Rabies Shot when she’s at least four months old.

Email us if you would like to be her new family!


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