A New Kingdom for Princess

When Princess came to us last week, I was almost certain she’d be back outside at the end of the week. Even if she turned out to be one of the friendliest cats in the world – and she was, so we’re thinking she must have had a home at one point – nobody ever adopts adult cats. Right?

So you can imagine how elated we were when someone contacted us to adopt Princess! After being spayed and given a rabies shot at Planned Pethood this week, she went to her new home last night (I’m sure meowing the entire drive there).

Princess 2

Meanwhile, we’ve lost hope that the Grand Matriarch (Grandma) will ever go into the havahart trap, which means our Dale Road Cat Project doesn’t have an end in sight. We’re looking into a different type of trap – if you or someone you know would be willing to lend us a Drop Trap for a little while, please email daleroadcatproject@gmail.com.

But we did manage to catch this guy:


Who would have thought a squirrel eats sardines? Maybe we should have kept the squirrel for Grandma.


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