A Kitten Free 2014

Joey said goodbye to Tippy tonight.

Joey and Tippy

Even though they were both competing for the title of most laid-back, low-maintenance animal on the planet, it was still a sad parting as Tippy went on to his new home.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank the good Samaritans of Ehlers Lane for taking the initiative to help these little guys out. By putting out some food and taking time to play with them, the Ehlers Lane kittens learned that people are friends – giving them a fighting chance to become house pets and saving them from a very cold winter outdoors.

As everyone is setting their resolutions for 2014, please consider adding one small bullet point to your list – help an animal in need. Whether it’s by adopting from a local rescue organization, starting your own trap/neuter/release program, or making a donation to your local shelter, you won’t regret it. These last three months have really been a rewarding experience – the kittens have really added something to my life.

Hopefully, it’s not fleas.


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