Act Now… Supplies are Running Out

Do you want your child to be the only kid on the block who didn’t get a Dale Road kitten for Christmas?

I didn’t think so.

Dale Road kittens are going to be extremely hard to find after 2013. (With 10 spayings and neuterings, one can only hope.)

Really, the person who takes home Howard has the benefit of giving two gifts for the price of one:

  1. Someone gets an adorably sweet kitten who is so happy and grateful to be indoors and out of the snow.
  2. Howard gets to spend somewhere other than our guest bathroom for Christmas.

Howard and Ben

And that really is the greatest gift of all. Our guest bathroom doesn’t even have a jacuzzi bathtub.


2 responses to “Act Now… Supplies are Running Out

  1. Hi! If Howard’s still available, we have a family more than willing to take him! We are looking for a kitty for our home 🙂

    • Hi Alexandra – Howard was lucky to find her ‘forever’ home yesterday. If you might consider taking in a special case, Mom still needs a home. She is very sweet, just still a little timid, and only a little over a year old. She purrs, enjoys her chin scratched, and loves playing with anything on a string. Let me know if you might consider an older cat for your home!

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