The Dale Road Cat Project Welcomes the Ehlers Lane Kittens

Well… we were told they were kittens when a good Samaritan in a neighboring community reached out to us for help.

But when we arrived to provide rescue assistance yesterday – traps and cages in tow – we agreed that “kittens” was a term used a little too loosely.

Kit-Teens perhaps?

Howard Robin and Lisa G

Howard, Robin, and Lisa G allowed themselves to be captured within 24 hours – just in time to come into our nice, warm house before the snowstorm. But they were less than grateful about it.

Robin and Lisa G were fairly calm and friendly, and settled into their temporary home in our bathtub pretty quickly. However, the trouble began when Howard was added to the mix. Ben took on the task of releasing Howard from the trap into the tub – and from my safe place outside the bathroom, all I could hear was repeated thumping all over the bathroom walls. Bam, bam, bam, bam…  Amongst the chaos was Ben’s cry for help.

Apparently, as soon as Howard got into the tub, he started jumping around like crazy, which caused the other two to jump as well.

It was like popcorn.

Once they settled down, we added the litter box, some food and water, and took a few photos. We figured they were good for the night.

We were wrong.

I woke up this morning at about 5am to yowling, and entered the bathroom to find one of the kittens perched way up high on the windowsill, screaming as if life inside our guest bathroom was worse than torture. The tub looked like a crime scene – wet, muddy litter strewn everywhere.

So we separated Howard from Robin and Lisa G in order to see if we can’t get the two ladies more comfortable around us, but we’re not optimistic. It’s going to take somebody very special to adopt these kittens. Hate to say it, but these guys are likely going to end up back on Ehlers Lane as their own feral cat community – at least we can help make sure they don’t reproduce.

It’s so important to help kittens find homes within the first three months. After that, they don’t have much of a chance of being a family pet.


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