Kirbi Meets a Kitten

We tried introducing our cat to one of the kittens. It didn’t go well.

Mean Kirbi

Can’t say we were optimistic about this, anyway – it wouldn’t be the first time Kirbi met another cat. A few months ago, we were fostering a kitten for a family member and the initial introduction was rough…

So into the basement Foster Kitty went, while Kirbi remained upstairs. We gradually got them used to each other by feeding them on opposite sides of the basement door, with the door propped just a bit so that they could see each other through the crack. After a week, we removed the barrier, and both cats greeted each other like long lost friends.

Ben explains the process of introducing cats as such: imagine that you have left your home for a little while, and return to find a complete stranger there. Someone mandates that the stranger must stay. You’d be pretty freaked out too, right?

There are two flaws with this analogy, though:

a. Sorry, but being forced to eat lasagna next to said stranger would not make me friends with him/her.

b. If said stranger was nothing more than a toddler, I would greet said stranger with plenty of concern instead of hissing, posturing, and other forms of intimidation.

I think my cat is just kind of a jerk.


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