Evolution of the Cat Hunter

We’ve received a few inquiries about how to trap a cat. Here are a few lessons we’ve learned as the project has evolved.

Lesson #1: Do Not Consult the Garfield Comic Strip for Guidance


Believe it or not, we actually did catch the Grand Matriarch using the box and stick method. Ben tied a rope to the stick and sat patiently on the deck, a good distance from the trap, waiting for the right moment. His waiting paid off, and with a quick flick of the wrist, the Grand Matriarch found herself stuck under the box.

It was at this moment that we should have realized the Grand Matriarch would prove to be the hardest of the Dale Road Cats to catch. She freed herself from the box by leaping into the air like a maniac multiple times, letting gravity take her back to the ground before the lightweight box was able to trap her again – and she escaped under the shed.

Lesson #2: You Might Need to Quit Your Day Job

So Ben drew up some schematics for a more robust trap.


Alright, it wasn’t that elaborate. Instead of using a lightweight box, he tied a rope to a cage door and placed some Meow Mix inside. This required him to, once again, do nothing but sit on the deck for hours on end until he got lucky.

And he did:

He managed to get Monster this way, although I needed to protect him from a very angry Grand Matriarch as he pulled the kitten out of the trap. She was hissing and growling at us from underneath the shed, doing her best to protect her tiniest baby from our evil clutches.

Sure, it worked, but it took a week to yield results. With 4 kittens remaining (Oh, how blissfully ignorant we were back then, thinking there were only 5 kittens…), we knew this approach wasn’t going to work to capture them all before they got too old to be socialized.

Lesson #3: You Too, Can Become a Cat Hunter

So we invested in one of these.

Havahart 1079 Live Animal Professional-Style One-Door Raccoon, Groundhog, Opossum, and Stray Cat Cage Trap

And before we knew it, we had captured 24 cats!

So there you have it. Get your Havahart trap today and you too can be just like me:



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