Look at what the cat dragged in…

Or rather… look at what cats the people dragged in.

November 17, 2013 will live on in infamy as the Great Cat Intervention of Dale Road. After the mean cat debacle, a neighbor of ours waved me down while I was out walking the dog. “Are you the ones catching all the cats?” she asked. We soon learn how deep the rabbit (cat?) hole went… This neighbor has been feeding the community cats, resulting in a population explosion in her own yard.

We were able to get our hands on another cat trap for the day and set both traps right where our neighbor feeds everyone. Within a few hours, we captured a small cat army:

So and So CheerleaderThundercousinsThe Other One

Yup, that’s 9 cats in one day. And another one of these guys as a bonus:

Possum 2

This brings total cats captured by the Dale Road Project to 23. The adult cats were re-released this evening – but with these new kittens, we now have 10 cats in the house (11 including Kirbi!). As word has gotten around about this project, there have been a few people that have reached out to us for help with kittens in their neighborhood, but we are at capacity!

  • Please adopt! If we can re-home the ones we have, we can free up space for new fosters.
  • Consider fostering if you can not permanently take in one of our kittens.
  • Sponsor a cat – we’re funding this project on our own, and spay/neuter isn’t free! Special thanks to all who have contributed to the project so far.
  • Start your own Trap/Neuter/Release program – all you need is a humane trap and a few cages! Check out Planned Pethood for clinic hours.

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