Angry at the world? I have a cat for you…

I woke up this morning, went downstairs, and noticed a little sign posted on the guest room door, written to my attention:

Do Not Enter

For those who can’t read my husband’s handwriting, it says “Do Not Enter!! Mean Cat Inside – Loose!”

Hmm. My husband had the misfortune of noticing a cat in the trap late Saturday night after I had gone to bed, and tried to transfer him to a more comfortable cage. However – unlike the other feral cats we’ve captured – this kitty wasn’t afraid of him. In fact, we think he was out to draw blood.

The transfer process didn’t go very well, resulting in “The Other One” escaping under the guest bed, hissing and spitting the whole time. Ben clearly had met his match. He reset the trap in the guest room and called it a night.

When morning came, Ben figured he had to think like a cat – somehow, he managed to use the furniture in the guest room to create a maze in which the only escape for “The Other One” would be right into his cage:

The Other One

If that face doesn’t say “I’m going to kill you,” I don’t know what does. It’s a shame he’s so nasty because his markings are quite attractive. Anyway, if you are one to believe that “evil will always triumph because good is dumb,” consider sponsoring this guy for trap/neuter/release.


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