And the Darwin Award goes to…

That One

Yup, “That One” was in the trap… AGAIN. Had to re-use his original photo because I forgot to take a new one. Someone please sponsor him and consider naming him Darwin because he’s now allowed himself to be captured three times. Buddy – I can’t believe you might be somebody’s father.

It’s particularly frustrating when we catch a cat we’ve already captured because it’s another night that the rest of the feral cat colony is out there, just itching to procreate. I’m looking at you, Grand Matriarch. No more kittens please.

A neighbor of ours stopped by – she believes she has some more kittens living under her shed and thinks she can just grab them, but she can’t take them in because her grandson is allergic. So the Thundercats (formerly known as pile of kittens – now that they are a bit bigger and have developed personalities, we renamed them) might just be expanding. We still need a Tygra, Pumyra, Bengali, Wileykit, and Wileykat to round out the team, so we’re happy to take them.


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