New Girl Goes to a New Home!

Good news – New Girl was adopted tonight! She did great, treating her new parents as kindly as she did us.

New Girl

New Girl was the last of the five kittens born to the “Grand Matriarch” under our shed.

The Grand Matriarch is the reason the Dale Road Cat Project still continues… We believe she’s Mom’s mother (and therefore the pile of kittens grandmother) – and we see her out in the backyard every day. It’s like she’s laughing at us – way too smart for our trap. Unfortunately, if we can’t get her soon, there’s likely to be another litter born under our shed during the cold winter months.

Anyway, now that we have no older kittens to worry about, we can spend more time with Mom and the pile of kittens downstairs. Mom  continues to be very friendly towards me, but is still a little apprehensive of Ben. If there are any single females out there who would like to be a friend to Mom, I think she will make a very good housepet by the time her babies are ready to go to new homes. Contact us (daleroadcatproject at gmail dot com) if interested in meeting Mom.

Mom and baby



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