Like Father, Like Daughter

Ah, another Monday – which means another productive trip to Planned Pethood. On the list for neutering today:

1. New Guy – or should we say New Girl.  We learned a lot today: A. She’s female B. A cat needs to be at least two pounds for surgery. This little girl weighed in at 1.8. So the poor thing just had to sit in her crate in the vet’s office all day for no reason.

New Girl

Anyway, she won’t get to the two pound mark if she continues to be a prima donna about eating. Her preference is to get breakfast in bed or in someone’s lap.

2. Yoda’s Dad

Yoda's Dad

Conveniently, Yoda’s Dad (and Vader and New Girl’s Dad – we’re making an assumption, but just look at the marking around his eyes – and then look at New Girl and Yoda on this page. Tell me they aren’t related.) wandered in to the trap this morning before Ben made the trip to Planned Pethood. So it wasn’t a total bust. He’ll be staying in Hotel BeNicole one more night until the drugs wear off.

Meanwhile, Yoda’s Mom is still on the loose. She’s what I call the “Grand Matriarch” of all the cats out there – she’s not only the mom of Yoda/Vader/Monster/Monster2/New Girl, she’s also Mom’s Mother (“Pile of Kittens” Grandmother) – so you can see why we consider her the queen bee. And apparently much too smart for our trap…


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