6:45 am – not sure if I can blame the fact that it was still dark at that time or that I was still a bit groggy, but when I peeked outside at our trap and saw a little white cat face looking back at me, my first thought was… it can’t be.

Sure enough, there appeared to be a white kitten in the trap. But where did he come from? Yesterday’s capture of New Guy – the last of the shed kittens – should have meant we were done with the neighborhood kittens.

“Ben,” I yelled upstairs to my still sleeping husband.

“Mmpfh,” he responded.

“There’s another kitten in the trap.”

“What?” This time a little more awake…

“There’s another kitten in the trap,” I repeated.

“It can’t be.” He had the same reaction I did.

Ben dressed and trudged outside while I prepared to fix up another cage for the newcomer. BUT false alarm (thank goodness) – what I thought was a new kitten was actually That One, one of the cats we had neutered and released this past Tuesday. I debated whether he must be incredibly stupid or incredibly smart – maybe he understood we were done with him, so his venture into the trap meant a free meal and a secure place to stay for the night.

Ben let him back out, but I get the sense that it won’t be the last we see of That One. The good news is That One is still available for sponsorship, so whoever sponsors him will get lots of updates about him! Please consider sponsoring him – he needs a better name.


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