Mom’s Story

Mom entered the trap on Sunday, 10/20/2013. Planned Pethood wasn’t open until Monday, so we tried to make her comfortable for the 48 hours we figured she’d be with us. Early Monday morning, we picked up Mom’s Sister:

Perfect timing! Mom, Mom’s Sister, and Yoda all went to the Planned Pethood on Monday, 10/21/2013. We brought them back and gave them a cozy place to stay while they healed from their operation.

However, late Monday night, our neighbors frantically ran over with these in their arms:

These little guys were in our backyard screaming their heads off. Mommy was MIA… and our neighbors thought one of these two lovely ladies might be the mommy. We really had no idea what to do – called the vet, who informed us that a cat can still nurse, even after being spayed.

So… without being 100% sure, we put one of the crying kitties into the cage. Mom and Mom’s sister looked at us like “What the heck do you want us to do about this?”

And then… Mom licked the kitten. So into the cage the remaining three went, and since have been nursing happily away with Mom.

Mom’s sister has since been released to give Mom and her babies a little more space. We believe the kittens will be ready for adoption around 11/20/2013.

Mom and her sister are also available for sponsorship. Please check out our sponsorship page if you are interested in being a sponsor!


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