“Hey, can you come in here a second?” my husband called from our guestroom – “Ground Zero” for our little cat rescue project.

“What’s up?” I asked him as I entered the room.

“Remember the worst case scenario I mentioned last night?” I thought back to the night before – we had been in an emergency situation as we had captured another cat – “That One” – but didn’t have any more cages. My husband had purchased two soft sided collapsible cages at Target – seemed to be a good option for trying to keep our costs down, and also allowed us to move “This One” out of a carrier into a larger space:


Only… these soft sided cages are really meant for dogs. So Ben’s worst case scenario was that one of the cats – with much sharper claws – would escape and have free roam of the room for a little while.

And that’s exactly what happened. We found “This One” under the bed. To make matters worse, the red crate collapsed on “That One.” It’s like he was camping and the tent fell on him.

So the guestroom was in a bit of disarray. We were able to corral “This One” back into a dog carrier for the time being, but we’re desperately in need of real cages. Ben’s on his way to PetSmart now.


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