Darth Vader’s Story

Darth Vader came to us on Sunday, October 20, 2013. He was the first kitten we captured that we thought the outlook might be bleak on – with a mangled eye and breathing problems, we thought he may not be adoptable. Plus he was kind of evil.

Ok, he wasn’t evil but he certainly hissed at us a lot.

A quick trip to the vet made Vader do a complete 180. (Ben certainly enjoyed when the vet entered the waiting room and asked for Darth Vader – to which Vader responded with labored kitten breathing). On a regimen of antibiotics and eye drops, it looks like Vader is on the mend!

Of all the kittens we’ve taken in to date, he’s now the sweetest. (So you know his family tree, Vader, Yoda, Monster, and Monster 2 are all siblings). We think he’s grateful for being rescued. If you’d like to adopt Darth Vader, please email daleroadcatproject@gmail.com .

Darth Vader


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